• Roma Siugzdaite

Live Q&A

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Live questions and answers session of 15 questions ranging from moderate to hard for top 10 students. Usually it is carried out on white boards.

For this type of test you will have to prepare like for a blitz competition. Not only knowledge is important but also the speed. We will have some examples, you can practice.

How to prepare:

Brain Facts present core neuroscience concepts in an understandable and interactive way.

A Glossary of Key Brain Science Terms is a list of definitions for common terms used when describing and discussing the brain and nervous system, produced by the Dana Foundation.

“Be in this moment.”

Also here we will provide a few lectures how to cope with a stress if you need to make fast decisions.

Meditation and stress

A couple of beautiful videos how to calm down and keep your stress under control during the test.

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