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Anatomy test

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The neuroanatomy bell-ringer competition consists of approximately 20 stations where brains, brain slices, or pictures of brains will be presented.

To prepare for the test use this link to materials:

The complete list of structures that you are expected to know can be accessed here.

A lot of short videos about the brain anatomy are here.

How the test will look like?

The brains will have pins stuck in a particular part of the anatomy, and there will be questions at each station that ask for the name of the structure and/or the function of that structure indicated by the pin. Students will have approximately 2 minutes at each station to write down their answers. When time is up, a bell will ring, and each student will move to the next station.

“The whole is more that a sum of the parts.”

Here are a few additional web sites that might be useful as you study neuroanatomy: (for kids, but a good start!) 3D map by Brain Facts (

You can also search for the material yourself.

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