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How to pass MCQ test

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

References and test examples. All the material for preparation can be found here:

We will provide short lectures from our experts on each topic to give you an introduction about every matter.

“You learn things faster if you know about them funny things.”

All the topic you can discuss with your friends, you can even write your own blog on the topics if your interest and send then to us. You can also ask questions in Q&A section.


  1. The Nervous system

  2. Neurons and the action potential

  3. Chemical messengers

  4. Drugs and the brain

  5. Touch and pain

  6. Vision

  7. Movement

  8. The developing nervous system

  9. Dyslexia

  10. Plasticity

  11. Learning and memory

  12. Stress

  13. Immune system

  14. What do you need to know about "sleep"?

  15. Brain imaging

  16. Artificial brains and neural networks

  17. When things go wrong

  18. Neuroethics

  19. Training and careers

  20. What is Digital health and mHealth?

  21. Neuroimaging and genetics

We will create a network for you to make new friends and make a fascinating journey into the world of Neuroscience.

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