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"WALK YOUR BRAIN" ("Eik tu Sau")

JOIN us for the Walking Challenge! 

We walk till 14 April, 2023

Hurry up to register today and call all your friends to join it.

It is free! And you don't need to have internet all the time.

10 000 steps a day!

There are two teams:

LBB 2023 participants and LBB 2023 supporters

Choose one and WALK! 

You and your brain will feel better and happier!



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Congratulations, Ugne!


Ugne Beatrice Birstonaite, third place winner at the 2022 International Brain Bee World Championship. Dreaming of becoming a #neuroscientist, Ugne’s curiosity and passion for #brainresearch brought her to IBB.

Find out more:

champions 2022.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 13.10.05.png

1st place:     Ugnė Birštonaitė

2nd place:   Saulė Janavičiūtė

3rd place:    Martyna Kniazevaitė

The other 2 finalists: 

Jorūnė Budriūnaitė, Emilija-Viltė Gylytė.

Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 11.50.48.png

The winners of the

Lithuanian Brain Bee

National Competition

August 28 (Saturday), 2021



1st place:      Edgaras Zaboras

2nd place:   Saulė Janavičiūtė

3rd place:    Dominykas Sudavičius

The other 3 finalists: Domantas Dimša, Ugnė Birštonaitė ir Martyna Kniazevaitė.

The 2021 International Brain Bee (IBB) World Championship took place virtually on November 5-8, 2021. 43 Teenage students representing 31 nations and regions from six continents gather for an exciting competition and educational social program.

The winner of the National LBB 2021 Competition Edgaras Zaboras for the first time was noticed on the international level. He successfully ended the first four tests and got to the finals. After the last competition he is at the 11th place in the world!

Congratulations, Edgaras!


The Lithuanian Brain Bee is a neuroscience competition for 13-18 years old students. Our mission is to inspire young minds to learn about neuroscience.


The competition involves a few rounds. The first round is an Online Brain Bee Test. The Top 50-100 students from all around Lithuania will be invited to participate at the National Brain Bee. 


The national winner will have the chance to participate in the International Brain Bee World Championship (IBB).


Students can register themselves and they do not need to register through the school. All the material for preparation can be found here: 


The 75 winners of the first round will be invited to the National Brain Bee competition. All participants will receive Brain Bee gifts and one Lithuanian representative for the International Brain Bee will be selected.


The National Competition will take place in April, 2022. There are 2 more books required for preparation:


The International Brain Bee (IBB) competition takes place annually in summer, in August 3-5, 2023 during APA conference in Washington DC.

Next Meetup


The Lithuanian Brain Bee was founded in November 2020 during the COVID-19. 


The Brain Bee competition is organized on 3 levels: local, national, and international. Local scientific institutions are licensed by the International Brain Bee (IBB) to carry out city-wide or regional events, engaging students from 14-19 years of age. 


The National Champions are, in turn, invited to represent their country at the annual International Brain Bee competition, which is hosted by different neuroscience organizations during an international conference.








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